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Father refuses to dissssolve the match, thussss my mother is sssstuck with him and his infrequent visitssss, and she cannot do what she has alwayssss longed to do, and that is to have a large family for her to love and to have them love her in return. ” Stephanie Burke 32 “And your grandfather? ” Astika rolled his eyes. “I find it fortunate that he even allowed me to enter the palace, but as I ssssaid, I believe my birth was by hissss design, so he had to have his creation nearby to train and to dissssplay.

The sea foam, almost as if it were insulted, slumped. Stiffening his resolve, he ignored the laughter in his mate’s eyes and pushed at his large, scaly tail. ” He turned on his heel, each line of his body showing confidence, and tried not to bolt like a scared fry to get away from what he was beginning to think was the inevitable. It looked like he would be producing children for his mate sooner than he had expected. But he didn’t have to let his mate know that. There was no way that he would let Astika think that he was in charge of this relationship!

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