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By Roberta Kells Dorr

A correct exploration of religion opposed to nice odds and love that endures years of disappointment.

Abraham and Sarah is a masterful historic drama from the instant that Abraham strides into the pagan temple to rescue Sarah. The couple units out looking for the benefits God had promised: considerable fertile land and decedents extra abundant than the celebrities.

But years of wandering carry the couple to Egypt, the place once more Abraham convinces Sarah that as sister and brother without doubt they're going to go accurately during the territory. yet Pharaoh takes Sarah into his harem, the place she befriends Pharaoh's daughter, Hagar. jointly the 3 are ordered to go away.

Years of barrenness have embittered Sarah, and he or she hatches a plan: Hagar needs to turn into the vessel for the kid God has promised. Ishmael is born to Hagar, and jealousy is born in Sarah's middle. yet God had a plan and He was once correct all alongside. This miracle unfolds with ancient authenticity, leaving the reader with a greater figuring out of the traditional global and the life-changing religion of Abraham and Sarah.

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