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During this monograph we examine generalizations of ordinary unification, E-unification and higher-order unification, utilizing an summary method orig­ inated by means of Herbrand and constructed on the subject of typical first-order unifi­ cation by way of Martelli and Montanari. The formalism offers the unification computation as a suite of non-deterministic transformation principles for con­ verting a collection of equations to be unified into an specific illustration of a unifier (if such exists). this gives an summary and mathematically stylish technique of analysing the houses of unification in quite a few settings via offering a fresh separation of the logical concerns from the specification of procedural details, and quantities to a collection of 'inference ideas' for unification, therefore the identify of this booklet. We derive the set of ameliorations for common E-unification and better­ order unification from an research of the feel during which phrases are 'the similar' after software of a unifying substitution. In either circumstances, this ends up in an easy extension of the set of easy changes given via Herbrand­ Martelli-Montanari for traditional unification, and indicates basically the fundamental relationships of the elemental operations priceless in every one case, and therefore the underlying constitution of an important periods of time period unifi­ cation difficulties.

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E E, and O(Ui) = O(Vi) for 1 $ i $ n; or (iii) u is a variable not in V ar( v) or vice versa. If u is a variable and u f/. V ar( v), then [vlu] E U(u, v) and [vlu] $ O. By extending this analysis to account for systems of equations, we have a set of transformations for finding mgu's. 5 (The set of transformation rules ST) Let S denote any system (possibly empty), ! E E, and u and v be two terms. We have the following transformations. Trivial: {u~u}uS ~ (1) S Term Decomposition: For any ! E En for some n > 0, Variable Elimination: {z~v}US ~ {z~v}Uq(S), where z ~ v is not in solved form, x f/.

The problems which arise with global variables in functional programming languages. Clearly if -< is a partial order, then this holds for any two elements of A, distinct or not. 5 35 TERM REWRITING from left to right, we are usually interested in the reduction relation --and the fact that there are no infinite sequences ao, ... , an, a n+l, . such that an --- an+l for all n ~ O. Thus, following other authors, including Dershowitz, we adopt the dual of the standard set theoretic definition. For the same reason, in the next two definitions we use posets of the form (A, >-) rather than of the form (A, -<).

Note that from our previous definitions, for any two terms u and v and set of equations E, we have u ~E v iff there exists some sequence of equality steps for n ~ 0, where the sequence of equations Ii == ri consists of variants of equations from E U E- l . , for a given E and two terms u and v, whether u ~E v, is called the word problem for E. That this is not a decidable problem is shown by our next result. 4 The relation ~E is in general only semi-decidable. Proof It should be obvious that it is decidable whether a given sequence of rewrite steps proves that u ~E v, and by the previous results, if u ~E v for some set E, then there must exist a finite equational proof of this fact.

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