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By Joel S. Goldsmith

Goldsmith explains the Circle of Eternity--the foundation of his method of mysticism--and tells the best way to go beyond the "parenthesis'' of our daily lives that falls among start and loss of life.

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The one difference is that only a few seem to have gained access to it because only a few have learned that the power of God is made manifest in silence and in stillness. It is a power that we cannot use, but which we can permit to flow from us by our recognition and realization of it. As we walk the earth, realizing that the kingdom of God is within, we are releasing this power and letting it flow out from us to the world, but if we try to use the power of God or push it out into the world, we lose it.

I seek only Thy grace. I am content to relax in the assurance that Thou art omniscience, all-knowing intelligence, divine, infinite, all-love, and I can trust myself more to the infinite Intelligence that governs this universe than I can to my own judgment as to what I need, or what I would like to do, or how I would like to live. Certainly, I can trust myself more to the care of divine Love than I can to my own finite sense of love which is not even as a grain of sand in comparison with the nature of that Love which is God.

Let us follow the Master's teaching. Let us give up believing that our wisdom is greater than God's wisdom or that our love is greater than God's love, and in silence let us accept God's grace. Silence is the only form of spiritual prayer. True, we may use words and thoughts to lift ourselves into an atmosphere where we can be still, but the words and thoughts we are using are not prayer: they are merely aids to lift us to the heights where prayer can be experienced. " Whether it takes a day, a year, or many years, it is imperative to have those periods of silence until we do hear that still small voice within and feel the Presence and Its power.

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