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By Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe, Kamala Wickramasinghe

This is often the tale of the author's particular medical trip with the most notable males of twentieth century technology. the adventure starts in Sri Lanka, the author's local nation, together with his youth acquaintance with Fred Hoyle's writings. The motion then strikes to Cambridge, the place the well-known Hoyle-Wickramasinghe collaborations start. A examine programme which used to be begun in 1962 at the carbonaceous nature of interstellar dirt leads, over the following 20 years, to advancements which are persevered in either Cambridge and Cardiff. those advancements recommended Hoyle and the writer to postulate the natural concept of cosmic dirt (which is now in most cases accepted), after which to problem some of the most adored paradigms of latest technological know-how -- the speculation that lifestyles originated on the earth in a hot primordial soup. A trip with Fred Hoyle is an fascinating ebook that strains the growth of a collaboration spanning forty years, via a series of private reflections, anecdotes and memories. principles that have been concept heretical 25 years in the past are actually quietly slipping into the area of orthodox technological know-how.

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Spectra of an MS star (top panel) and a C star (bottom panel) with some of the strongest molecular bands identified. The oxygen-rich M and MS stars have spectra dominated by TiO molecules (and VO for very cool stars), while the carbon-rich C stars have spectra dominated by C2 and CN molecules. Both the stars shown are members of the Large Magellanic Cloud A particularly interesting element found in the atmospheres of some AGB stars is technetium [101], which has no stable isotopes. The isotope 99Tc is produced in the s-process and is presumed to be the one seen in AGB stars.

D) The "dredge-up" phase eorresponds to the eseape from the stellar eore into the eonvective envelope of the energy released by the shell flash. In response to the inereasing luminosity eoming out of the eore, the eonvection extends inward in mass. If the envelope eonvection penetrates into the mass zone previously oeeupied by the intershell eonvection, it will dredge up some of the 12C that was produeed by the He-burning shell and mix it to the stellar surfaee. " A measure of the effieieney of the third dredge-up is given by the so-ealled dredge-up parameter, A.

Following He exhaustion (point 14) the star begins to ascend the giant branch for the second time. The core now becomes electron degenerate, and the star's energy output is provided by the He-burning shell (which lies immediately above the C-O core) and the H-burning shell. Above both is the deep convective envelope. This is the beginning of the Asymptotic Giant Branch phase. ) On the main sequence, the main difference between a 5 MG and a 1 MG star is the higher temperature in the core at 5 MG' This means that the CNO cyde dominates H-burning, and the high temperature dependence of the CNO reactions causes a convective core to develop.

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