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By Bryan W. Mattimore

Creativity is among the most precious and robust assets in company this day. ninety nine% concept offers a palette of suggestions and tales to assist enterprise humans faucet hidden inventive strengths. This pleasing ebook permits readers to creatively resolve a variety of office concerns by utilizing the artistic strategies of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo DaVinci.

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11. The de Montgolfier brothers conceived of the first hot air balloon when they saw: a. Burnt paper scraps rise above the flames in their chimney b. Stained glass windows blow out of a burning church c. A friend faint from inhaling cigar smoke on a bet d. A blowfish for the first time at a Paris fish market 12. Carrier got the idea for the air conditioner when he: a. Took a steam bath at the Yale Club in New York City. b. Bought a completely sealed japanese glass terrarium. c. Saw water condensing on the side of a glass.

Clumsy accidentally drops the cannonball over the side. How long does it taking for the cannonball to reach the bottom of the ocean? Before reading this further, please try to solve this problem, paying special attention, if you will, to how you tried to solve it. What did you do? Did you make a completely wild guess because "there simply wasn't enough information to solve the problem"? Did you get overly bogged down in the details, asking yourself about, say, the salinity or temperature of the water, because you wanted to get the "exactly right" answer?

7 - Those Crazy Inventors: A Creative Warm-Up Exercise Imagine yourself in a room full of strangers, where it's your job as the facilitator to help them brainstorm new ideas. These people don't necessarily want to be there. " They even may not particularly like or trust the other people (their co-workers) with whom they're supposed to brainstorm. So what do you do? How can you (1) help make the people feel comfortable and even begin to trust one another, (2) take the "creative pressure" off them, (3) show them that it's okay to fail-in fact, that it's critical to the process that they do fail, and (4) if possible, get them laughing, or at least smiling?

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