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Like any profession. Some people can adapt much quicker than others. But I am convinced any-one who "wants" to be a successful trader can be. I take it if you have had the persistence to read my book all the way through then trading must hold some interest to you and I congratulate you on putting in more effort than 95% of other people will. If you want to look at a winning system then I urge you to go to my web site and see what I have to offer. Once you become familiar with the system you will have to follow the habits so as to develop the rock solid discipline to follow it.

Profitable trading is both very simple yet paradoxically, very difficult? Explain? It's very simple in that if you can develop a system that fits your personality and have the discipline to follow it that's all you need in order to be a winner. But look at it this way. 95% of people who try trading lose? So it can't be that easy. Most people lose because they do the simple things wrong. They don't have a plan, a system, beg for tips and never get to know how to trade successfully. Like any profession.

And please, please be very careful. The answer will not be found by following tips and black box's although many will try to convince you other wise.

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