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Contained inside this booklet are 50 quickly and straightforward common sense how you can assist you fresh your house and possessions. regardless of a tremendous variety of expert - and dear - cleansing items out there, time has taught us that you just shouldn't have to lay our a fortune to make your loved ones seem like it's been wiped clean by means of the pros! This quick-read consultant has been especially formatted for state-of-the-art e-readers, with every one tip listed for simple entry.

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Pat them dry with a tea towel or cloth. Number 10 To Clean Computer Screens Glass computer screens can be carefully cleaned using a damp paper towel with a small drop of washing up liquid on it applied to the screen. Then wipe it clean with a second clean damp paper towel. Then carefully buff dry. Number 11 Cleaning Windows One of the best methods of cleaning glass windows is to use white vinegar. Mix one part white vinegar to nine parts of water, and place in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the window and buff dry using either the traditional method of newspaper scrunched up, or dry paper towels.

This should help unclogging drains. Number 26 Cleaning Ceramic Stained Sinks Stained and discoloured ceramic sinks can be bought back to whiteness by the use of bleach. Fill the sink with one cup approximately of bleach and then fill with cold water. Leave to soak and this should clean away staining. Number 27 Cleaning Leather Furniture An easy way to clean leather furniture is to use baby wipes. Wipe the surfaces with the baby wipes to gently clean and moisturise the leather. Number 28 Cleaning The Grout Between Tiles To clean the grout between the tiles in say a shower or bathroom, use a mixture of half bleach and half water, and apply using an old toothbrush.

Detergents and floor cleaning chemicals may discolour the laminate flooring. Number 43 Cleaning Mould From The Bathroom One of the most effective ways of removing mould from a bathroom surface such as a shower, is to use a mixture of bleach and water, and apply to the mould. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe the surfaces off with a damp cloth. Apply again if the mould is stubborn. Number 44 Removing Blood Stains It is important to remember when washing away blood stains to use low temperature / cold water, as this will help stop the blood from clotting on the fabric.

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